About Me

Have you been put in a funk over all the seriousness in the world? Been laid off? Outsourced? Dog die? 410K down the poop shoot? Girl friend dump your lazy ass? Does it seem that the Grinch is in charge? Screw him. Screw them all. Let’s have some fun.

You've entered Dickie's WorldI invite you to enjoy my blog. Why now? Why not? I have only one ambition in life — and I don’t have much time. A little mouse whispered in my ear. Told me to aim high. My plan is to win everyone over by making one person laugh at a time. Forget their troubles. Chill out. Blow off steam. I haven’t quite figured the math, but I think that it might take awhile.

In real life I’m a mechanical design engineer and before that a nuclear engineer. I invent things. Things you never heard of. Don’t even ask. I’ve spent lots of time under water as a reactor operator on a fast attack submarine above the Arctic Circle. I live with an amazingly sweet woman. Her existence makes the world a better place. She is my top priority. No kids. No pets. What little time I have left of my week, I will work on this blog. I love to make people smile and to laugh. Send me a picture of you smiling. Attach it to a testimonial like the following:

Dear Dickie, I may be sterile because of your website. I took my Apple laptop into the bathroom and started reading your blog while on the toilet. I laughed so hard that my bladder erupted in an uncontrollable explosive manner. The urine volume and extreme pressure almost emptied the toilet which in turn caused a serious blowback condition. Needless to say, every germ, critter, and virus is now crawling in each orifice I have. The doctor gave me the strongest form of antibiotic, but said that I might never have children. When the rash and itching subsides I cannot wait to see what you write next.

Still painfully laughing in Cleveland, A. O. Cornius, Ph.D, Gynecology.

In the future I will ask questions and answer some. Well, ones worthy of Dickie’s World. Then I will present tips; pithy advice on dating, bridge, management, life skills and more. As a minimum, look for the following Dr. Dickie fields of expertise:

Fields of Expertise Column Title
Dating Expert Dr. Dickie’s Dose of Dating Drivel
Bridge Expert Dr. Dickie’s Declarer’s Defense to Double-Dealing
Management Expert Dr. Dickie’s Dissension to Dumb & Dumber Disorders
Life Expert Dr. Dickie’s Driblets of Devine Doctrine
Nuclear Expert Dr. Dickie’s Detonation & Decontamination Diversions


I’m an expert like so many on the internet. I’ll make it up as I go, then deem it policy. I love those Dear Abby columns; I love bridge and nukes (an invigorating combo). I like to pick on management of all forms (‘cause it’s so easy) and I survived the 60’s so I must know something about living. Please feel free to ask me anything. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll make up a good one. I will compile my answers and filter them into tip categories. I call them tips, but in reality, they will become my directives.

As part of my evil plan, these tips are designed to create a better world; Dickie’s World. All my plans, crazy ideas, opinions, and deep wisdom will be presented here. In the mean time check out the rest of the site and tell me what you like about it. Keep all the negativity to other websites that thrive on it.