Witty. Clever. Hilarious.  It’s rare that you find someone who can not only make you laugh but can put that humor into such a well written script.  From the moment I started reading Dickie’s stories (whether they were for fun or in preparation for his books), I knew he was an exceptional talent, one that I would see in print on shelves in the near future.

His wit leaves you wanting more, his cleverness makes you appreciate the brains behind the madness and his hilarity seals the deal with laugh-out-loud amusement.
Renee Maher (Former colleague and now friend)
I am honored that I was able to read the first draft of Nuke Punk. It was awesome! Dickie’s memoir describes in detail what it was really like to be in the Navy on a nuclear sub during war time (Vietnam and Cold Wars).

His naval exploits send you to places that most of us will never see, letting us experience sub-life giving insight as to what life was like for those that lived under the sea to defend our country and maintain their wits, while living in the most difficult conditions with humor and dignity.

From laughing your head off to nail biting adventures, mishaps, and a few stories that made me almost hurl while laughing. Dickie is a rebel with humor, intelligence, and a life-is-too-short attitude.

I fell in love with the story. It’s not a Guts & Glory wartime memoir but a true, straight from the heart survival story. Thanks, Dickie for bringing it all to life for me. 
Suzanne Langer (Dear friend and Caddy lover)


If asked to comment on Richard Schlueter’s character, the first thing on my tongue would be, “Yes, Dickie is one crazy ass character!”

A high school buddy, he joined the Navy with me and was one of those top-secret spook types that had to kill anyone if he told them what he did, and now he’s a writer. Huh?

I consider myself quite the ‘story teller’, but Dickie’s nuclear submarine Navy experiences mixed with his twisted imagination makes for an entertaining read!
Stewart Seashols (Chief Warrant Officer, USN and high school buddy)
“Dear Dale (my loving oldest sister), re your brother- I’m an expert on everything these days and can answer any question, except what makes Dickie the way he is.”
Frank Turner (Navy buddy and best friend of all time)